The Meeting House

Not into traditional religion?

You have come to the right place. The Meeting House is a church for people who aren’t into church. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with organized religion, maybe you are investigating Jesus for the first time, or maybe you have moved into a new area and are looking for a community to rally around and serve our world better. Whatever your situation, we hope you will find a place here to ask questions and find what you are looking for.

So what are we?

We are what you call a multi-site church.
That means that we have one main production site in a secret underground bunker in the desert…okay not really…it’s in Oakville, Ontario, and we have multiple regional sites in other locations. From this central site we roll out our teaching and other resources to multiple regional sites in other geographical locations all over the place. It’s kind of like our “head office” if you are into that kind of corporate lingo but really it’s a converted warehouse that we use for our offices, video production facilities, supply center and Sunday morning services for people in the local area.

Our regional sites mostly meet in movie theatres that we rent in various local communities. Each week, we transport our trailers full of sound equipment, program supplies and other stuff to various locations and set up our sites for a church service led by a Lead Pastor whose job is to connect with people. Here people gather weekly to watch the teaching that is delivered on the big screen by means of high-def video files and generally hang out as a larger community. When we are done, we pack up and go home or to the local chicken hut just as people are coming in for the afternoon matinee.

But all this is just part of the picture. Our real focus (our hidden agenda) is on what we call Home Church. These are small groups that meet in individual homes each week to talk, become friends and to reach out to their local communities. This is the core of who we are because we feel that only when people connect relationally with people, discuss ideas, serve together, and learn to get along, that they truly function spiritually as God intended. We feel that if there is any one thing a person should focus on, it’s this — even at the expense of our Sunday morning services.

In addition to Home Church, we also have Network groups that have popped up all across the country and world. Hey, we didn’t plan this — Transform Heartit just happened! These are unofficial groups that track with our teaching and meet in small groups to discuss, pray and serve wherever they are, whether it’s in Sweden, Kenya, Qatar, or on a cruise ship in the Bahamas (sign me up!). You can find out where groups are meeting here on Facebook. If there isn’t one in your area you can post your location on the Discussion Board to see if there are others who might be interested in meeting with you.