The Gasworks is happy to open our stage to the incredibly talented musician, artist and community member, Peter Tigchelaar. 

Peter Tigchelaar is a visionary musician living and creating out of his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Raised in a musical family, he is clearly a product of his creative environment and has had an abiding passion for the art and craft of songwriting his entire life. His fresh, folk style reflects melodic precision in the setting of stimulating and challenging lyrics to music.

Peter plays a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboard and mandolin, and more recently has developed a true affinity for other smaller instruments such as ukulele and his made-in-Hamilton Hammertone. These create a delightful presence that enables his unique melodies and harmonies to shine through, supporting his singing with a stripped-down, organic sound that is purely his own.

Peter Tichelaar will be accompanied by the unique vocals of special guest Michelle Titian, along with John Lewis, Tone Valcic, Andrew Tigchelaar and Brielle Goheen.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the door at 141 Park Street North, on a pay-what-you-can basis, with a suggested price of $20, which will include a CD copy of “Better Things”.


Better things cover

http://www.petertigchelaar.com or https://soundcloud.com/petertigchelaar

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