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Living Rock

Living Rock Ministries is a non-profit organization reaching out in the cultural language of youth since 1985. Living Rock offers youth-at-risk a place of belonging, safety and a bridge to the community, while supporting youth to develop a personal vision for their lives.
Who Does Living Rock support?

Youth ages 13-25 who are at-risk of falling through the cracks in our community. Living Rock is responding to youth with a variety of risk factors such as poverty, mental illness, addictions and the disenfranchised.  Together with the support of generous partners and supporters Living Rock aims to alleviate the effects of poverty and to provide opportunities for youth to move beyond their circumstances with the right supports in place.

Each year Living Rock Ministries responds to more than 20,000 youth visits.  Living Rock seeks to ENGAGE youth where they are at, through meal programs, food bank and through safe and relevant social recreational programming. Living Rock ENCOURAGES youth through pre-natal and
post-natal care, housing, one to one and crisis support.  Living Rock EQUIPS youth for a brighter future through pre-employment and employment programs.

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